Precision Potentiometers - standard or cumstomer specific

Metallux series of rotary potentiometer includes the world’s smallest conductive plastic potentiometer, multi turn potentiometer in wire technology, rotary potentiometer as well as contactless rotative potentiometer based on Hall effect, manufactured to utmost precision. A robust design, high linearity and resolution  dustinguishes each and every one of our vast range of precision potentiometers. Should one of our standard products not fit your specivic requirements, then we are able to design, develop and manufacuture, together with your input, your specific solution.  We offer standard our standard and customized and customized potentiometer in a plastic-, aluminium- or steel body (stainless) tailored to your specific needs.

For further information please find here our Metallux Product Range Linear and Rotary Sensors and our Linear and Rotary Sensors Product Catalogue.