The METALLUX AG - Inspiring Technology since 1986

Founded in 2007, Metallux USA is an innovative North American provider of electronic components and devices, based upon the Thick Film and Conductive Plastics Technology form their German corporate partner Metallux AG. We stand for innovative solutions, standard- and customer specific products in sensor and resistor technology and industrial joysticks. To each customer we apply creativity in a completely individual way.


  • 1986 Foundation of Metallux (Plc) Ltd. as a trading company by Arnulf Oberascher.
  • 1998 Foundation of Prohmeta (Plc) Ltd. as a manufacturing company by Arnulf and Andreas Oberascher.
  • 2002 Merger of Metallux (Plc) Ltd. and Prohmeta (Plc) Ltd. creates Metallux AG.
  • 2005 Expansion of the research and development department and the affiliated manufacturing department adds another 700m² to the existing facilities.
  • 2007 Foundation of Metallux USA
  • 2007 Joint Venture in China
  • 2010 Start of construction of the new building in Nellmersbach
  • 2011 Move into the new building