High Voltage Divider HVD 967

Metallux resistor  network NW are customized combinations of more than two resistors on a substrate. This can be standard sizes or customized designs.
This arrangement allows a precision vote of all resistors to each other.
Interested in our high voltage dividers or networks? Our experts will support and advise you in selecting the optimal  solutions.

Low-Induction, Precision High Voltage Divider in Thick Film Technology.
Various designs available with short lead time.

  • minimal drift
  • Low tolerances
  • Very good ratio stability

Lenth: 26 - 77,5 mm
Resistance: 1,5 M Ohm - 2 G Ohm
Ratio tolerance: up to 0,1 %
Ratio TC: up to 10 ppm/°C
HU up to 100 KV
Power rating up to 100 W
Various standard division-ratios from 1:1000 to 1:10000.
High-Voltage Divider for applications in power distribution, CT-scanners, X-ray/MRT-systems

High Voltage Divider Series 1000

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  • - Measuring resistor
  • - Medical technology
  • - Particle accelerator
  • - Electrostatics
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