High Voltage Divider HVD 969

High voltage divider HVD consists of two matched resistors on a substrate.
This combination allows an extreme accuracy of absolute values as also the part of ratio. The temperature drift of the divider can be influenced very well by using of stable materials. A wide range of standard sizes can be combined with customized designs.

  • Low-Induction
  • Precision High Voltage Divider in Thick Film Technology.
  • Various designs available with short lead time.

Length: 156 - 308 mm
Diameter: 13,5 - 30,5 mm
Resistance: 2 M Ohm - 3 G Ohm
Tolerance: bis 0,1 %
TC: up to 10 ppm/°C
Power rating up to 50 W
Max. voltage: up to 80 kV

High Voltage Divider Series 2000

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  • - Measuring resistor
  • - Medical technology
  • - Linear particle accelerator
  • - Electrostatics
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