High Voltage SMD Resistors HVS 967

Based on the flat resistor basic design HVR967 Metallux offer  with the series HVS967 a flat SMD processable resistor  above the classic  standard range.
The voltage rating is maximum 8KV, depending on the size of the resistor. In addition to the benefit to use only one component  is a large resistance value range, combined with tolerance from 0.25% and a temperature drift of 25ppm / ° K possible.
Do you want to know more about the Metallux SMD resistors? Our experts will support and advise you in selecting the optimal solutions.

  • Low inductance
  • SMD assembly
  • pulse proof
High Voltage SMD Resistors HVS 967

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  • - Medical instruments
  • - Current-pulse limitation
  • - Electrostatic measurement equipment
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