Joystick 1- and 2 -axis digital MJ-2K CP OM

Joystick MJ-2K CP OM digital 1- and 2 -axis
Joystick MJ-2K CP OM digital 1- and 2 -axis

Joystick 1- and 2-axis digital MJ-2K CP OM

The industrial controller digital Model MJ-2K CP OM 1- and 2-axis is also available with digital output signals. The Joystick is very light and ergonomically designed - for a comfortable operation. To control an crane systems in factories or warehouses an on constructions sites, the Metallux Joystick MJ-2K CP OM provides an maximum operation reliability with it´s galvanic isolated directional contacts. Mechanical detents provides tactile sens.


Platform lifts, Remote controls, Forklift trucks, Hydraulic



- excellent lifetime

- robust and space saving design

- compact

- conductive plastic technology

- very durable


  • Long service life
  • Robust design
  • Compact
  • Conductive plastic technology

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