Joystick 1- and 2 axis digital MJ-3K

Digital 1- and 2- axis industrial joystick MJ-3K
Digital 1- and 2- axis industrial joystick MJ-3K

Joystick 1- and 2- axis digital MJ-3K

The Compact Joystick with digital output for Remote Control applications. The joysticks were designed and developed especially with the various crane systems in mind. The Metallux MJ-3K joysticks are the optimal joystick to enable the operator complete, safe and efficient control. They are also available with mechanical detents for a distinct tactile sense.


A long life span and the light weight will help the operator to achieve a high productivity, like construction an building sites or on factory floors.


 Radio Remote Control, Lifting platforms, Forklifts, Hydraulics, Marine


    • High life span
    • Robust design 
    •  Compact 
    •  Conductive Plastic Technology 
    •  Low weight 
    •  Up to 4 running steps per semi-axle.

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