Joystick 1-axis potentiometric MJ-1L

Joystick MJ-1L 1-achsig
Joystick MJ-1L 1-achsig

Joystick 1-axis linear finger tip potentiometric MJ-1L

The linear joystick of the MJ-1L type series is the very durable, light-weight of the MJ-xx joystick series. Its space-saving design enables our customers to reduce dimensions of their control box. Little weight and easy operation make for healthier working condition. Downtime is greatly reduced due to extreme durability of the MJ-1L.


(Optionally also available with a protective rubber boot) 


      • Light weight
      • Space saving design
      • Minimal joystick housing dimensions
      • Long service life
      • Conductive plastic technology


     Remote control, Mobile hydraulics, Comfortable boat monoeuvring

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