Joystick 2-axis Hall MJ-4K

Joystick MJ-4K Hall
Joystick MJ-4K Hall

Joystick 2-axis Hall contactless MJ-4K

The Compact Joystick in Hall-Technology.


Hall technology is recommended if only a limited amount of installation space is available or if the application is subject to high vibration. The MJ-4K 2-axis joystick fulfills all these requirements. The trusted durability and reliability of the MJ-xx joystick series is also applicable  the MJ-4K series .


The applications are extensive. They range from rehabilitation equipment to automation technology to construction equipment and marine applications


MJ-4K Hall: the compact Metallux joystick for huge variety of applications.



Platform lifts, Remote Controls, Fork lift trucks, Hydraulic, Hydraulic, Robotic, Microscopy, Electro wheel chair


- excellent lifetime

- robust design 

- small design

- hall technology

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