Joystick MJ-3K BRS

Metallux introduces with our joystick MJ-3K BRS a new concept; a modular system makes it possible to react quickly to the needs and requirements of our customers and prospective clients. By matching the various standard designs of our vast range of Metallux MJ-3K joysticks with our sensors our experienced experts will be able to design and create a joystick which will perfectly fit the purpose and expectations our valued customers expect from us. Numerous special applications can in this way quickly brought to fruition.

A Metallux joystick, type MJ-3K with friction brake “put´n stay” is pictured below.

Joystick MJ-3K BRS

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  • - Radio Remote Control
  • - Lifting platforms
  • - Forklifts
  • - Hydraulics
  • - Marine
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