Membrane Sensors - MetaPot Sensors the innovative membrane potentiometer

Hermetically sealed, flat design and wear free, Metallux membrane potentiometer for linear and rotary measurement are very accurate and offer significant cost advantages and a much longer life cycle. Due to their extremly flat design Metallux foil sensors can be used in applications where the space is limited and does not allow the usage of conventional potentiometer elements. Based on the Metapot membrane potentiometer, Metallux offers the MMP a contactless version where the mechanical wiper is replaced by a magnet. Because the actuation is absolutely contact free wear can be excluded. Meta Pot and MMP membrane potentiometer are already successfully used in aerospace, automation, medical and laboratory applications.

The contactless measuring principle with this magnetic membrane sensor allows distance and angular measurements in aggressive environments. Because of the different membrane materials, the sensors may be used in a wide temperature range.

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Magnetic Membrane Sensor MMP - contactless therefore absolutely wear-free

The Magnetic Membrane Potentiometer MMP ist based on the MetaPot membrane sensor technology. The MMP unites all advantages of a proven technology with a contactless and therefore absolutely wear-free magnetic sensor.