Membrane Sensor Rotary MetaPot

Membrane Sensor MetaPot ist a consequent advancement of the membrane sensors offered on the market. MetaPot Membrane Sensors are flat, wear-free and suitable for high precision positioning tasks in all areas.With protection class of IP65 and a highly attractive price a superb alternative to other sensor systems.

MetaPot – Rotary Membrane Potentiometer

Metallux MetaPot rotary membrane potentiometer for rotary position measurement are extremely flat, hermetically sealed and offer a trouble free operation. Especially suited for precision measurement and can their flat design makes them ideally for applications were space is limited. Modern high effective materials allow for use in a higher temperature range. Operate well in harsh environmental conditions and and media could be increased. High repeatability-, and accuracy make them ideal for customers in aerospace, automation, medical and laboratory industries.

Membrane Sensor Rotary MetaPot

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  • - Positioning drives
  • - Applications in power tools
  • - Positioning of robot systems
  • - Application in medical technology
  • - Automotive industry (e.g. convertible top)
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