Stainless Steel Pressure Sensor SPS 3003 Z



Sensors, made out of stainless steel instead of ceramic - ideal for applications in hydraulics or refrigeration high burst pressure and excellent overload capacity are additional advantages. The SPS 3003 Z with an integrated pessure connection and an amplifier circuit. No seal is required between the sensor and pressure connection. 

The Monolithic Pressure Sensors of Metallux are available in different versions for various fields of application.

SPS (Steel Pressure Sensor) produced in Thick Film Technology on steel  are ideal for operation in harsh media or aggressive media.

Measurement range 10 to 600 bar. Optionally 1000 bar.



Stainless Steel Pressure Sensor SPS 3003 Z

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  • - brake systems
  • - forklift trucks
  • - hydraulik
  • - cooling systems
  • - pressure transmitters
  • - pressure switches
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