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Custom solutions for customers at Metallux USA

Often, our customers ask us good questions such as, “Is there another solution?”, “Would it be possible for my sensor to be more precise?”, “Can this devise be made smaller or more reliable?” The answer is often “Yes”, and the answer can be a custom specific solution. Below please find a few examples how Metallux was able to create new, innovative and cost effective solutions to customer challenges by applying our expertise and capabilities.

Metallux custom solutions

Individual Solutions

Use the know-how of Metallux for the individual adaption of your projects.
Even small production runs can be done simply by using the relevant development and production modules. Intelligent adaptions to customer specifications for individual solutions are permanently enhanced. Small and large series can be implemented successfully through a close customer relationship.

Metallux continuously expands its portfolio of precise industrial joysticks. Adding to the applications is the compact “ put and stay“ joystick version. One of the characteristics of the joystick with friction brake ( “put and stay” function) is the ability to remain exactly in the position last left in. This makes it possible to retain the chosen and selected position. Examples for various applications for the put and stay joysticks are amongst others brake-force and speed-settings on shunting locomotives. Furthermore this joystick is ideally suited for exact positioning of the transverse thruster whilst maneuvering a boat. In common speech a transverse thruster is also called a bow thruster or a lateral-thrust unit. It is used in boats to maneuver during landing or casting off. A diagonally build-in tube with a propeller allows the bow to be moved either to port side or to starboard. Joystick with “ put and stay “ function can , depending on effort (force) used, be set accordingly. It is possible to integrate the “ put and stay “ function into all available Metallux AG joysticks. Be as one or multi axle joystick with analog or digital application, in conductive plastic or foil technology. The custom specific Metallux AG joysticks are suitable for a multitude of applications.

Each and every precision joystick distinguishes itself through a robust and compact design  as well as a high life cycle. Low weight, adaptable USB-CAN-interface increase the potential applications.

By the way,  light and hermetically sealed MetaPot membrane sensors are used in the Metallux joysticks.

Metallux Joystick Put and Stay

For reliable wind energy management and marine applications
Metallux engineers and production teams joined together with one of our customers to create a low cost, high precision, anemometer with excellent reliablity and no moving parts. Utilizing our capabilities to print precision, matched resistors onto low expansion cylinderical substrates, we were able to realize a custom sensor solution that out-performed the competition. Based on the differential cooling of four precision resistors, designed using the latest computaional fluid dynamics techniques (cfd), and implemented using Metallux printed cermet thick film technology.

Whatever your application, we can help with the solution

For radio remote control and material handling systems, we have Industrial Joystick products that use integrated Metallux potentiometers or MetaPot membrane sensors.

Metallux product designers, sales applications engineers, planners, and production department personell teamed-up and hurried-up to provide a fully functional five-step industrial Joystick based upon a modification to our modular product line. Prompted by a customer’s question, “Do you have a five-step Joystick?” Answer – “Now we do.” Not only is it now a standard product, but we can deliver these parts when you need them. Because of the Metallux modular design concept for all of our Joysticks, we can offer of un-ending combination of options in a short time at a fair price. And when we don’t have exactly what you want, just ask.

Precision heating resistor – Used in a thermostatic regulator

High Volume, High Precision, Low cost, no problem.

Whenever you need a few million parts, you don’t want any problems, so just ask Metallux. Of course, most of our product offerings are sold in hundreds, or thousands, but we also have experience that you can benefit from, to produce high volume parts at a good price. One of our customers needed a precision printed resistor on a stainless-steal substrate at a good price in high volume. He asked “Can you do that?” Our answer, “We think so.” And now we can. So if you need a fast response-time on a fast-response precision, laser trimmed heating resistor, in low or high volume, just ask Metallux. We have the experience and know how to help.